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There are various types of roofing options available for any type of building. The most common type of roof covering is the asphalt shingle which is least expensive when compared to other types of roofing. However there are also other many types of roofing material as illustrated below:

Asphalt shingles

They have a longer life span. On average, they opt to last for twenty years. This however depends on the climatic conditions of an area such as extreme temperatures and intense sunlight which tend to minimize the life span of the roof. 

Most homeowners and roofers prefer using them due to their added merits such as they are available in various styles and colors and also offer reliable waterproofing mechanism. These roofs have minimum Roof Repairs when installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Flat roofs

These roofs require regular maintenance to increase their life span. The homeowner is required to ensure that the roof remains watertight. To prevent debris and leaves from blocking the drain, ensure that the roof is thoroughly and regularly cleaned. 

This helps reduce the costs of Roof Replacement. The process of installation of flat roofs is generally less expensive when compared to sloped roofs. They are a safe option since the chances of falling when you are on the roof top are less than on a sloped roof. 

Moreover, they are easily accessible and enable the homeowner to realize a good visual appearance. The coatings on the roof have short life span hence the need for replacement.

Metal roofs

The use of metal roofs has increased gradually of late since they are becoming viable. They are light weight, require less maintenance and are friendly to the environment. New Roof Installation for metal roofs can be sometimes tricky and require a skilled expertise with the relevant know how of metal roof installation. 

They are also more costly when compared to other roof coverings. Metal roofs have an added feature that enable them to resist any accumulation of ice and water which can damage the roof. Once the roof commences losing its shine, painting it is a better option compared to replacing it since it is less expensive.

Environmentally friendly roofs

These roofs are also known as green roofs. There are two basic factors which have an environmental effect of these roofs; the roof color and materials used to construct the roof. Homeowners who use white roofs are able to save the monthly costs on their heating bill. 

These roofs do not incur the homeowner Emergency Roof Repair costs. Some of the available green roofing materials include:

Slate: this material is very durable and has a typical life-span of approximately one hundred years. It is however much expensive due its exceptional performance and durability. It provides a channel for run off of water with neutral impacts on its quality.

Wood shakes: they are constructed from natural sources that are renewable such as recycled wood. They are a suitable environmental choice since the materials used have less impact on water run off quality.

Aluminum: it is affordable as well as lightweight. It absorbs minimum heat and reflect more light than most roofing materials. Aluminum is also a great choice for environmental friendly roofing materials.